Our first album was out digitally on 22nd of December 2020 and on CD on 15th of February of 2021.

All of our singles charted on Poland iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs Chart and Poland iTunes Top 100 (All genres). Since February we had four number ones on Rock Chart with "Destroyed" and "A Song" with many top 10s on all genres regular chart.  All those charts stand for singles sales (pay & download).

We were lucky enough to gain a a nice stream numbers with Spotify 200k streams in just 4.5 months. Also our videos on YT get tens of thousands views.

We are very happy to receive a very decent worldwide airplay at FM and internet radio stations including: the US (California, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Washington and many more), the UK (including a few in London), Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Domicana, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and other.

Our songs were named station song of a week at East London Station in the UK (Jeff Johnson Spoke and Destroyed) and charted at Top 10 at one of Chicago radio station (Jeff Johnson Spoke and A Song).

We recived a lot of positive "Obligation" album reviews in Poland, the UK, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Finally our "Obligation" CD album is selling in Empik - the largest stores chain - charting weekly and monthly at Pop & Rock (Polish and also All countries) charts.

We would like to thank here all those who buy our singles and the album, stream, watch and listen to our music and all those who play our songs at FM and internet radio stations.

Here is the interview with us:

And a few reviews of our "Obligation" album (in English, german, Dutch, Spanish and Polish):

The videos for our songs are here:

Cecil Has Changed:

A Song:


Decent Obligation:

Jeff Johnson Spoke:

Life's No Prison:

We're happy to announce that CASE STUDIO is responsible for physical CD release and sales and promotion in Poland. That will include also digital sales as one of our partners in that regard. Already in action with "Obligation". We commited to realease with CASE STUDIO also "Joy Free Bowl" and "Mellow Joy" albums.

Most of songs for  “Obligation” album were mixed by Chris Bolster at Abbey Road Studios in London. All songs except for "Life's no prison" were mastered by Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin at Metropolis Mastering in London.  "Life's no prison" was mixed and mastered by Thomas Queyja at The Lips Studio in LA Wojciech collaborated earlier with Thomas  on The Implants US debut release “Leprosy”. Several of the Implants songs were mastered by Howie Weinberg for it's anniversary re-release.

Three of 12 songs off the "Obligation" album were mixed at Osso Studio in Osowa.

All songs were recorded at Stolarnia Art Studio in Osowa.

Practice is fun, not necessarily the way to perfection

Life and people give us constant inspiration for writing music. Sometimes it's a good inspiration, sometimes bad.
If we record anything we do it usually in one take.
We love to record.

We would like to thank here several people who helped us - recently and in the past - all that to happen: Chris Bolster, Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin, Thomas Queyja, Dawid Gorgolewski, Jan Kurczewski, Lisa Huersing, Brett Broadway, Adam Ellerbrock, Nate Clum, Nate Parkin and Sławek Papis.

Also our appreciation goes to: Best Pub Osowa, Stolarnia Art Studio, Osso Studio, Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Studios in London, the Lip Studio (LA), Proud Larry's, the Gin, Forrester's, Lafayette's and other great venues in Oxford, Meridian and Memphis.

Huge thank you also to all people playing our music worldwide. Special thanks to: Michelle Ward, Paul Goulder and Jeff Fekete.

And to Tyler Keith and the Neckbones. "Eyeful" was the main inspiration for Wojciech to play music on more serious basis. Y'all please check Tyler Keith's solo albums as well as the Neckbones and other bands he has played with.


We are Snakedoctors

We are a rock band formed in May of 2020. In July we recorded our first songs. In August we came up  with 13 song first unofficial and unpublished friends & family demo CD album “stonegravity”.

In August and September we recorded new songs for first official album “Obligation” that was out on 22nd of December. After releasing four singles in March we released a new single "A Song" promoting  our second album "Joy Free Bowl" - due to be out in May. The second single from that album "Cecil Has Changed" will be out on 9th of April (2021).

We also recorded songs for our third studio album "Mellow Joy" due to be out in October - November of 2021. The final mixing & mastering touches are done in Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Studios in London.

We're already recording songs for our fourth album.

All our albums so far have been mixed and mastered by Chris Bolster from Abbey Road Studios in London, Andres 'Hippy' Baldwin from Metropolis Studios in London and and my friend Tom Queyja from The Lip Studio in LA.

Pandemic doesn't allow to play shows and promote music. So we try to use that time to create and record. We are four friends having fun playing music together.

Snakedoctors are: lead vocals and guitar - Wojciech Wypych (formerly of the Implants formerly known as the Shriners and Splinter, bands from Oxford, MS), bass - Jaroslaw Szybowski, keyboard and vocals - Jacek Karnat and drumms - Robert Porazka. We quote grunge, new wave and hill country blues as inspirations.

Y'all may want to check out or

Or do something better. Especially in those difficult times. Let's keep music alive. And support all people working around music, like music available out there, streaming shows with whatever we can donations, merchandise (profits are often shared with staff) and let's keep studio engineers busy. And first of all - y'all stay safe and in good health.